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CoolerHobby often make sales promotion during special holiday. Please pay attention to our home page, facebook and twitter.




Why Doesn't My Coupon Work?

Common reasons are the coupon:

1. Has expired

2. Has been used already or has a use limit

3. Entered incorrectly

If you have a coupon that is not working and you don't know why please contact us.


What is Coupon?

CoolerHobby offers various for discounts. These discounts are done via a coupon code. You use coupons at the checkout when you purchase products from our website.


Where Do I Find Coupons?

1. During some promotions

2. Follow coolerhobby's facebook or twitter, coupons are issued from time to time.


How Can I Redeem Coupons?

During the checkout process there is the option to enter the coupon code

Key in your coupon code in the specified place shown below; click "apply" and the discount rate or money rebate will be deducted from the total.